International Travel Insurance

Many people are not aware that original Medicare and Medicare supplements have very limited emergency coverage when traveling outside the USA. Both have a $250 deductible and then you are responsible for 20% of the cost – up to a lifetime $50,000. This could be a disaster to most people who are taking their “dream vacation of a lifetime”. If you have an “advantage plan”, most – if not all – do not cover any services outside the USA.

However there is a very affordable international health plan that will cover 100% of any emergency care, after a small deductible. These plans can be purchased by the day (minimum of 10 days); by the month or for a frequent traveler, for the entire year.

These plans are available for all adults 18 yrs and older, as well as minor children traveling with an adult; and they are very affordable!

To get additional information on these International Travel Health Plans, please call me directly or send me an e-mail requesting that I call you to discuss your individual requirements.