Thank you for joining me on our website Medicare Solutions AZ. The purpose of these opening comments is to give you an overview of what Medicare offers and then the options that
are available to you here in Arizona. More details or specific situational information can be obtained by calling Medicare, or consulting your current “Medicare & you” book. I am Rich Aprile, and I am a licensed, certified and insured Medicare specialist and I would like to begin by explaining what original Medicare offers you.

“PART A” – this is hospital insurance! Items such as inpatient hospital, skilled nursing facilities, hospice, home health care and other related items. This part is normally free to those who have worked and paid Medicare taxes for 40 quarters in their lifetime.

“PART B” – This part does require a monthly premium which is determined by Medicare – announced in the fall – for the following year.

Now for the options – “PART C”- or Medicare advantage plans – These are offered by Medicare approved private insurance companies. They include all the benefits and services covered under “PART A” and “PART B” of original Medicare as well as some additional benefits. Most plans offer prescription drug coverage, which is “PART D”, as part of their plan. Some may offer additional benefits such as discounts on dental and vision.

“PART D” – this is the prescription drug coverage. As with “PART C”, these are plans that are medicare approved and offered by private insurance companies. The purpose is to lower prescription drug costs and offer these to you with lower co-pays. These co-pays are based upon a “tier program”.

And finally, Medigap or Medicare supplement plans. These plans have been designed in a joint effort of Medicare and the insurance industry. They are designated by letters – “A” – “B” – “C” – “G” – “F” etc. There are approximately 11 different plans, with each designed to cover some or all of the coinsurance that is not covered by original Medicare. Every insurance company does not offer all these plans. A plan can be changed anytime during the year, and not just during the annual election period. It is important to remember – original Medicare, Medicare supplements, advantage plans – for that matter, under 65 health plans, do not give you very much coverage outside the USA.

To get additional information on advantage plans – prescription drug plans – Medicare supplements or international travel health insurance you can “click” on the appropriate link button on this page. You can then either call me directly or send me an e mail requesting that I call you to discuss your individual situation.